Series 2: Better than Life

"What? Pinky and smegging Perky? What use are they? It's like giving blind pew contact lenses."

"Please rush me my portable walrus polishing kit. Four super brushes that will clean even the trickiest of sea-bound mammals. Yes, I am over 18, though my IQ isn't."

"Everytime I take an exam, I tell her I've passed. It's getting embarrassing now. I should be Commander-in-Chief of the whole universe."

"Close? I hated him! I detested his fat, stupid guts, the pop-eyed, balding git."

"Look! Look! Excuse me, excuse me! You're probably really busy but could I just say you are my all time favourite fascist dictator!"

"Twice in one lifetime? I'm turning into Hugh Hefner."

"Who is that? Just because some hoity-toity, gonad-brained gimp knows an admiral. Does he have to broadcast it?"

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