Arnold J. Rimmer, Bsc, Ssc

Arnold "Judas" Rimmer was born into a somewhat odd family. His three older brothers, John, Frank and Howard all excelled at their careers in the Space Corps, making their otherwise psychotic father extremely proud. Rimmer, unfortunately, didn't.

Rimmer spent most of his childhood being tortured either by his brothers (being forced to eat ants) or by his father who, because he, himself was too short to join the Space Corps. insisted that his sons be stretched out regularly on a rack, in the hope that they would reach regulation height.

Throughout all of this, it would be nice to think that Rimmer could've turned to his mother. But this isn't the case - she was too busy bonking anything with pips and an insignia. At the age of fourteen, Rimmer divorced his parents, but gained visiting rights with the family dog, bi-monthly.

Rimmer has taken the astro-navigation exam a total of ten times. His mother is under the impression that he is Commander-in-Chief of the Universe because everytime he takes an exam, he tells her he has passed.