Series 2: Stasis Leak

"Having consumed this ropaste, Second Technician, Rimmer, Arnold J. experienced what can only be described as a voyage to Trip Out City. T'wit a major hallucinagenic fit."

"Under the influence of this psychedelic breakfast, he went on to attack two senior officers, believing them to be giraffes that were armed and dangerous."

"With respect, Sir, you've got your head up your big, fat ass."

"What's the point? In three weeks she'll be a pile of radioactive dust. You may as well marry a box of Daz."

"I'm sharing a book with a character out of a Barbara Cartland novel."

"I'll never forget one Christmas, I put my finger in his cage to give him some mince pie. He bit me. He sank his teeth right into my fingers and wouldn't let go. In the end I had to smash his brains out against my bedroom wall."

"Did you indeed? How sad for you Captain Paxo."

"Now kindly cluck off, before I extract your gibblets, and shove a large seasoned onion between the lips you never kiss with."

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